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First Presbyterian Church

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Sunday 10:00am

Luke 9:1-6

Executing an unfamiliar task is a taunting experience because it requires thorough preparation for successful completion. Jesus’ disciples have been given a new task; however, the instruction that their Master provides them makes the followers of the Lord causes them to feel more unsettled.  The direction given to them is the opposite of what they expect to have.

Practical Christian Ethics  
Agust 4 : Basic Ethics 
August 25 : Capital Punishment
Sep 1 : Gender & Love
Sep 8: Justice of War 
Sep 15 : Christian Politics: Liberalism and 

Ephesians : The Richness of Faith 
  Sep to Oct
The maturity of the church is acquiring knowledge appropriate to that maturity level. Ephesian believers need to re-calibrate the secularized variances of holiness and redemption with Christ-efficacy in order to continually proceed with the richness of their faith.

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