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First Presbyterian Church of Kankakee



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Here at First Presbyterian we embrace the values of what is commonly called "Traditional Worship."  We embrace the depth and beauty of hymns, mostly sung with organ (sometimes piano).

We belive in presenting Biblical principles through creative means that connect to your world. We are very blessed to have innovative communicators on staff to help connect your life with God. Be sure to see a greeter for a copy of our weekly bulletin. It is full of helpful information about upcoming events, church ministries, small groups, and volunteer opportunities.   

First Presbyterian Church is truly a family church.  Our strategy is “Building Family”. We are a group of people who love and care for one another, experiencing true Biblical community.  It is our aim to help connect you with other people who have the same values and faith. It does not matter if you are single, married, or in high school. Family matters because you matter.

    371 East Court Street, Kankakee Illinois 609021 (815) 939.3546